Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Free knitting pattern - cosy ribbed wrist warmers

My wrists get really sore when knitting - especially when I've been doing a lot of it like I have been recently, so I've come up with a dead easy pattern for making toasty warm wrist warmers:

Both methods use 5mm or US size 8 needles, and standard DK yarn or even Aran:

30-32 stitches makes a comfy pair of wrist warmers for me, but you can increase or decrease as needed.

'In the Round' instructions:
CO approx 30 stitches and spit over 3 double pointed needles (dpns) or work on 2 circular needles
Work in 2 x 2 rib
(k2, p2) for approx 3" or length desired,
Cast off and weave in ends!

Flat instructions on 2 needles:
CO approx 32 stitches onto one needle,
Work in 2 x 2 rib (k2,p2)
for approx 3" or desired length,
Cast off, and stitch up sides to form a tube with a large eye needle, weaving in ends...

Stunningly simple!
I've just knitted these from some Aran yarn I had spare - very cosy, and took me approx. 30mins or so to knock these out - and a great project for those starting off in knitting but are a bit sick of knitting scarves - not to mention using up leftover yarn!

You can experiment and make them longer for full arm warming, and accessorize with ribbons, buttons, crochet flowers - whatever you can do!


  1. Simple if you're a knitter. I'm envious of those who can sew.

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  3. Bless - it took me AGES to get the hang of it - my husband had to walk me through it in the end, and spent months just on scarves! Now I've got it, so it can be done - Debs :)