Friday, 20 May 2011

New Knitting Project: Multi-Strand Blanket

I've been so busy in the office recently, I've had really little time to focus on crafting and my blog - so apologies for the lack of posts recently!

I've decided to start a cool new project - a chunky moss / seed stitch blanket. It's made up of some of the machine knitting cones I've had in a big box for ages. I chose creams and blues, but one of the strands is a gorgeous pastel multi-coloured yarn which gives a subtle hint of pinks and yellows throughout - it's really subtle but very pretty.

2 of the cones are glittery (1 white cone and 1 baby blue) which I wasn't sure about when I put the strands together before starting, but now I've knitted it up for a few inches it's looking great.

I'm knitting the blanket on 15mm needles - not the biggest ones I have, but I wanted the blanket to be quite tight weave. As you may remember from my Giant Knitting post, I made up a blanket at the end of last year for my sister-in-law in greens and blues (she calls it her Mermaid blanket) but it ended up being quite loose, and has a habit of stretching and losing its shape.

I'm using 10 cones of yarn all wound together to make up the blanket. I have discovered that the best way of knitting with lots of yarn at the same time is to put the cones in a box, that way they aren't flying across the room and getting tangled.

The stitch is really easy - k1 p1 all the way across the row until the end. As there is an odd number of stitches you will end on a knit stitch. When you knit the next row, start on a knit stitch again and carry on in k1 p1. The bobbly moss / seed stitch pattern that comes out makes the blanket textured but light.

The blanket is as wide as I could fit on my needles - 59 stitches in all. Ideally I'd like to have had longer needles like the ones you can buy from Rachel John, but these ones by Inox are the only ones I had. I think when it is knitted up it will make a good throw size blanket for either the end of a bed or a sofa.

I'm thinking of making matching cushion covers if I have any yarn left by the end of this. We are moving house soon and I'm hoping this lovely blanket will look great in my new bedroom across the bottom of our bed.

I'll post up pics once I've finished!


Monday, 2 May 2011

Knitting Pattern: Seed Stitch Fingerless Gloves

It's been lovely and sunny here in Wales - so warm that I've been struggling to find the motivation to knit! With the changeable British weather, these great little gloves are so light and easy to put in your pocket. Also see the matching hat pattern

Knitted from moss or seed stitch, they are an easy knit. Made flat on straight needles, they are then stitched together to fit your hands:

You will need:
  • Your choice of yarn and needles - I've used Patons Smoothie yarn on 4.5mm needles to fit my small adult hands
  • Large needle / Bodkin to sew up seams

Double Rib pattern:
k2, p2 until end of row, repeat for all rows

Seed / Moss stitch:
Odd Rows: k1, p1 to end of row
Even Rows: p1, k1 to end of row

If you need larger gloves increase in multiples of 4, likewise, if you want smaller gloves or are using larger needles, decrease in multiples of 4.

1. Cast on 28 stitches leaving a long tail

2. Start double knit pattern and continue for 1" (3cm), finishing on Wrong Side (WS)

3. Switch to Seed / Moss stitch pattern until piece is desired length - on my short gloves I worked the pattern for 3" (8cm) but you can make them longer if you like.

4. Switch back to double rib as above for 1"

5. Cast off in rib stitch (not too tightly!) leaving a long tail

6.Sew seam into a tube with Right Side (RS) together using the long tails from your cast on and cast off, leaving a 1" hole below the top piece of ribbing for your thumb to poke through. Turn the right way out and you are finished!

Hope this is simple and straightforward for you to knit and make up - let me know your feedback!