Saturday, 2 October 2010

Knitting Pattern: Santa hat

The Festive period is fast approaching, (84 days to go from today!!) and as a crafter who usually makes her own Christmas presents, October is where I usually start thinking about cool things to make to "jazz" up the day.

I devised this pattern last year as I'd lost my usual Santa hat I'd had for many years.

This is a quick and easy method for those who are starting out, and looking for something a bit more complicated than a scarf...

You will need:

Approx 100g of DK or Aran weight yarn in Red (double up the yarn if it is not thick enough)
Approx 50g of white yarn (DK or Aran weight doubled up if needed; use a fancy yarn for a fluffy effect.)
A pom pom maker (or cardboard rings)
8mm needles (US size 11)


CO 64 stitches in the white yarn, and knit either in garter stitch (K all stitches) for 2 inches, or if you feel more confident you can do 2x2 rib (K2, P2) instead.

Switch to Red yarn, and continue in stocking stitch (stockinette) for 6 inches.


1st row: * K1, SSK, K until 3 stitches left on needle, K2tog, K1
2nd Row: P all stitches

Continue from * until you are left with 12 stitches on the needle

Break off a long tail, and thread through the remaining 12 stitches on the needle, pull together, then with the WS facing out sew up the side seam

To finish off, create a white pom pom using your pom pom maker, or by using 2 cardboard circles and winding the wool through the middle around until the whole is nearly closed, then cut the yarn between the rings (this is hard work!) and then put a thread between the 2 rings, holding all the threads together, then remove the rings and you are left with a pom pom!

Sew the pom pom to the end of your hat, and you are left with a super cool Santa hat!

Play around with the number or stitches you cast on to create bigger or smaller hats - this pattern should fit a small/medium adult head

Let me know how it goes for you!


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  1. I am working on your Easy Peasy Santa Hat that you posted at Ravelry. I am having a problem understanding the decrease. Am I supposed to K1, SSK, K until 3 stitches left on needle, K2tog, K1 or * K1, SSK, K* (repeat continuously) until 3 stitches left on needle, K2tog, K1?

    Many many thanks for your clarification!