Thursday, 13 January 2011

How to do tassles, and other recent projects.... (& UK Silly Sale)

Back after a month of festivities and visiting family, I'm trying to catch up on all my work and creative exploits - it's been a great Christmas and new year. I've not been resting on my laurels though! (well....maybe a bit!)

Matching Christmas PJ's for the girls this year!

I've mastered the cabled hat pattern that took 15 attempts last month, and got it right first time on my last go. I loved the way my cream one looked, so knitted one up in duck egg blue and navy, using Debbie Bliss Como. Highly recommended Merino wool yarn - it's like candy floss, knits up on 10mm needles and felts up amazingly! You can make a hat similar to mine with around 75g of yarn, with some left over for say a headband or some fingerless gloves.

The most versatile hat ever - and keeps you warm in the Welsh snow!
I decided I wanted to make a matching scarf to go with my cream set. I had some left over yarn from the hat so I made a lace pattern scarf - I like that it has spaces in it so it's not too hot to wear. 

Easy knit lace scarf to match lace stitch hat
I've fallen in love with the autumnal shades of brown, mustard and rust that are all over the shops at the moment. I've had some rusty coloured yarn in my stash for ages now - I loved the colour but it was a bit thin, so I doubled it up and knitted a great seed stitch hat, and a single rib scarf. The scarf is lovely and warm, and could be worn by guys or gals!

To make tassels:

1. Decide how long you would like your tassels. I chose 5 inches for the white scarf and 7 inches for rust coloured one.

2. Double the measurement above (so 6 becomes 12) and cut strands to that length. I used 4 strands in each tassel for the rust coloured scarf, but as the white scarf used chunky yarn I only used 2 strands. You can make them as thick and chunky as you like. Group your cut strands together once cut.

3. Get your scarf and look along the edge above the cast on / off row, there should be a natural space to insert the tassel. Fold your strands in half and insert the folded loop end through the gap, then take the ends of the bundle and feed them through the loop, and pull tight.

 And that's it!

In fact, it took me longer to write the instructions than it does to make the tassels and put them on the scarf!! 

I'm waiting on some mustard coloured Rowan Big Wool to come - it is usually £8 for a 100g ball, but I managed to find some on eBay for less (Sunday night is the best night for people listing their leftover yarn!) I think I'll make another hat and if I have enough left maybe some mittens.

I've had a concession request from Aunty Nanna's in Norwich, UK. Amber the owner sells quirky handmade goods, vintage china, super cool homewear and refurbished painted furniture - definitely worth a look. Kitty hats will be available to buy in store later this month!

You can still shop online too - there is still 15% off in store until Jan 31st with code NEWYEAR15 - this includes custom orders! This is part of the Etsy UK Silly Sale - UK sellers join together to promote their stores - search for Silly Sale and you can find some bargains! The Silly Sale runs from 14th January - 21st January (but I'm extra generous so I'm going until 31st!)



  1. 8 quid (do not have sterling key) seems exorbitant to me....obviously I don't buy much new wool, lovely colour though.

  2. Rowan big wool is seriously expensive - I only ever get it when someone de-stashes! It is nice, but Debbie Bliss Como is cheaper and softer - my new fave yarn!

  3. That rusty scarf and hat are lovely! I just practiced some simple knitting … made a scarf and the tassels are next!