Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bow peep: A Celebration of Bows!

I love Bows - they cheer me up even on the most rubbish day. They come in all kinds of fabrics, colours and sizes. I thought I'd share a Rain Bow of different styles in a rainbow of colours in this special Etsy treasury:

I've been playing with the idea of making something with bows, but I couldn't think of how to go about it. For Christmas I knitted my office some different accessories as presents. One girl in the office is very trendy and forward thinking - she is always wearing something unique and cool. 

It was whilst thinking of what I could make her I stumbled across the idea of making a headband with a knitted bow. I had some gorgeous cream wool yarn left over from another project - so used this to make the headband. It looked great and went down well with all the office. So since then I've pulled it together into the Beau Bow!

I love the way the bow is textured and contrasts against the straight lines of the band. I launched this range in store this week, and have already sold out!! 

Couldn't believe it when one lovely customer in Illinois bought all 4 of my ready to ship bows in one go - fabulous!

So check out the Beau Bows in store - I'm adding more ready to ship stock as fast as I can knit it!


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  1. Your Bows are Adorable!!

    Very Cute, Off to check out your shop now!! :)
    Have a great day,