Wednesday 30 March 2011

Knitting Pattern: Ribbed Slouch Hat

Here is a cool pattern I love to knit - it's really simple slouchy hat, but looks good on guys or gals, can be adapted for any yarn type, gauge or size. 

You need to be able to:

  • Knit in the round (I'm using circular / magic loop needles, but you can do this on double pointed needles)
  • Knit (k)
  • Purl (p)

You will need: 

  • Circular knitting needle - 60cm / 14" approx - I'm using 4mm needles OR double pointed needles if you prefer
  • Large eye needle
  • Scissors


I've used Double Knit (DK) yarn in a light grey, using 4mm needles. You can adapt this pattern for any needle size - for chunky yarn you cast on less stitches, for finer yarn you cast on more.

I have a 23" circumference head and this pattern fits me well.


Cast on 88 stitches (increase or decrease in multiples of 4)

Place a stitch marker, and knit your first stitch into the other end of the row of stitches so you form a circle - be careful not to twist the cast on stitches!

Repeat the following pattern for 1 round: k2, p2; you will end on a purl stitch.

Round 2 onwards: repeat the same k2, p2 pattern for each round to the desired length. I like my hat slouchy, so I made it 10 inches long.

Decrease: When the hat is long enough, decrease by knit 2 stitches together (k2tog), purl 2 stitches together (p2tog); continue to the end of the round, ending on p2tog.

Next row: k1, p1 to end of round, end on p1

Finish: cut a long tail, then thread the end onto a large needle. Thread the needle though the loops of the stitches on the needle. Remove needle and pull the loose thread to close the whole until the stitches are gathered into a tight circle, then sew in loose end securely.

Want to make the hat bigger or smaller? You add or subtract the number of stitches you cast on in multiples of 4 (so I could cast on 92 or 96 if I wanted it a bit bigger)

Hope you enjoy! Let me know how it goes if you try it. You can see my other free patterns on Ravelry too



  1. you should post a picture of a finished one

  2. Done and done - hope you like!

  3. Very nice. Thank you for posting the pattern.

  4. How many yards/meters did you need for this pattern?

  5. Hello - I measured the yarn in grams - and it worked out at around 100g of yarn in total - hope this helps! Debs

  6. I'm a little confused about the decreasing part, I'm pretty new to knitting, obviously. I knit two together, then purl two together and purl two together again at the end. Then the next row I switch to knit one purl one? Wouldn't I do knit two, purl two? I'm sorry for the long question, and thanks again!

  7. Whats the name of the yarn???