Monday, 2 May 2011

Knitting Pattern: Seed Stitch Fingerless Gloves

It's been lovely and sunny here in Wales - so warm that I've been struggling to find the motivation to knit! With the changeable British weather, these great little gloves are so light and easy to put in your pocket. Also see the matching hat pattern

Knitted from moss or seed stitch, they are an easy knit. Made flat on straight needles, they are then stitched together to fit your hands:

You will need:
  • Your choice of yarn and needles - I've used Patons Smoothie yarn on 4.5mm needles to fit my small adult hands
  • Large needle / Bodkin to sew up seams

Double Rib pattern:
k2, p2 until end of row, repeat for all rows

Seed / Moss stitch:
Odd Rows: k1, p1 to end of row
Even Rows: p1, k1 to end of row

If you need larger gloves increase in multiples of 4, likewise, if you want smaller gloves or are using larger needles, decrease in multiples of 4.

1. Cast on 28 stitches leaving a long tail

2. Start double knit pattern and continue for 1" (3cm), finishing on Wrong Side (WS)

3. Switch to Seed / Moss stitch pattern until piece is desired length - on my short gloves I worked the pattern for 3" (8cm) but you can make them longer if you like.

4. Switch back to double rib as above for 1"

5. Cast off in rib stitch (not too tightly!) leaving a long tail

6.Sew seam into a tube with Right Side (RS) together using the long tails from your cast on and cast off, leaving a 1" hole below the top piece of ribbing for your thumb to poke through. Turn the right way out and you are finished!

Hope this is simple and straightforward for you to knit and make up - let me know your feedback!



  1. Hey great pattern!!! Ive litterally been searching for months for a simple patternfor fingerless mitts and I found one just in time for fall. Im sill confused on how to finish though. Could you explain it again? Also weres the link to the hat pattern in the picture above

    1. The matching hat pattern I sip at the top in orange as a link.

  2. I mean, is at the top in one of the first paragraphs. Gosh, I hate auto correct

  3. Adorable fingerless mitts, and my hubby likes them, too! Also I like the fact that they're made in DK weight because I tend to overheat and they should provide just the right amount of warmth. Thanks for sharing this pattern! :-D

  4. These are brilliant and so easy to knit. I haven't knitted for about 35 years but it all came back (well almost) making these. I've even had to knit some for my husband! Thank you so much for the pattern.

  5. I made a sweet pair of these fingerless mitts using my first handspan alpaca. I needed a pattern that only used a little yarn as that is all I had spun. They are just right.

  6. Thankyou for this pattern, I am teaching my 10 year old granddaughter how to knit and this is a perfect pattern for teaching purl stitch. x

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