Saturday, 14 January 2012

Free Knitting Pattern: Beau Bow Headband

These headbands are so cute, and dead easy to make - be that for little girls or little girls at heart. As the band itself is ribbed it will sit comfortably on the head without moving. It's a good way to use up those smaller balls of yarn that you really like, but are just too small to make a hat from.

Here is the pattern:

You will need:
  • up to 50g yarn depending on the size of the headband you'd like to make - the one above was knitted out of DK yarn and used just under 50g in all.
  • circular needle or DPN of the correct size for the yarn used to make the headband - I used 4mm circular needles 
  • Straight needles of the correct size for the bow - I used 4mm needles 
  • Sewing needle - large eye and blunt ended  for sewing up

This will make a headband for a small - medium adult / teen out of DK yarn as above. To make it bigger or smaller add or take away stitches in multiples of 4. If using chunkier yarn and larger needles you will need to cast on less. Remember it is rib stitch and it will stretch to put it on. My head is 22 inches in circumference and this fits me fine as a very rough guide.

1. CO 84 stitches using your preferred cast on method loosely - you will loose the stretch in the headband if you cast on too tightly.

2. Make sure your work is not twisted and join together.

3. Row 1: K2, P2* repeat until the end of the round, finishing on a P stitch.

4. Repeat until the work measures 3 inches or desired width, and cast off in rib stitch loosely- again to make sure the work remains stretchy.

5. Weave in the ends using your sewing needle to help.


If you want a smaller or bigger bow just cast on more or less stitches. This is the size of the bow on the headband pictured above.

1. Cast on 20 stitches to your straight needles - try not to do this too tightly

2. Work in garter stitch (K all stitches) for all rows until the piece measures 5 inches long or desired length. Cast off and weave in ends. 

Bow Ribbon (middle piece):

1. Cast on 10 stitches to your straight needles. 

2. Row 1: K1 P1

3. Repeat row 1 until piece measures 4 inches long and cast off, leaving a tail at the end for joining the piece together. If you have made a chunkier headband or larger bow you may need to make this piece a bit longer. Test it as you go along to make sure it will fit around your work.

Making up:

1. Take the headband and where you cast on and off place the bow over the joins to cover them up. 

2. Take the ribbon piece and place it around the headband and bow so that the bow is held in place. It will gather the bow and headband a bit as shown in the picture. 

3. Take your blunt needle and thread the tail thread on your bow ribbon. Sew together the cast on and cast off edges of the row ribbon so that the bow is held in place on the headband. Sew in any threads left over.

4. Play with the bow until it sits where you'd like it to be then try it on! 

You can wear it with the bow on top or to one side. You can experiment with different yarns, colours etc. - why not have the bow a contrasting colour to the headband? Lots of different options. Please give me your feedback on the pattern or if you have any suggestions or improvements



  1. i love this!! thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love it!!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Saw this last week, already made 3!!

  4. How would you make this pattern flat? I'm still starting out and havent tried circular needles yet

  5. Hoy many stitches cast on for a 9 to 12 months old baby?
    I would like to do this but in a baby's size. Please let me know if I make it 1/2 the size? 3/4 of the size.
    Thanks so much