Thursday, 7 June 2012

Knitting Pattern - Cabled Legwarmers

I didn't think in June that I would be writing about leg warmers. Yes - leg warmers...

The weather in Wales is changeable at the best of times, but so far in 2012 we have had terrible cold, raging storms, baking hot sunshine and drought all mixed up so in 1 day you can have heavy rain followed by hot sunshine (It happened yesterday!)

I actually got so cold the other day I put on my trusty leg warmers. In the winter I have these on either underneath my trousers if they are wide leg, or if I'm wearing skinny jeans they go on top Flash Dance style.

I designed this pattern to enter a pattern making competition last year. It's the first time I'd written a full pattern with a chart to go with it. The cables go in different directions on each leg which looks cool.

I loved how these turned out - the photos I have is awful, and I gave them away as a present afterwards, so I'll have to try and track down a better picture - or you can share one of your pics with me after you have made a pair!

You can find the pattern details on Ravelry "Helter Skelter Cabled Leg Warmers" - and my other patterns are listed on my Ravelry page



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