Friday, 30 July 2010

Giant Knitting

My fab friend Emily got me a fantastic wedding present in May: A super huge pair of wooden knitting needles from Rachel John at a craft festival earlier in the year. I just saw them and knew I had to have a pair!

But they're not as HUGE as these ones! They wouldn't fit in my living room!

Rachel's needles are great, but you can find giant needles on Etsy too - SnokistFarmGirl does very pretty ones for $12 a pair plus shipping. I'm making a cool chunky knit throw using about 8 different strands of machine yarn on a cone - gives an amazing multi tone effect as you can see:

I just need to find time to finish it now!! I've knitted it in stocking/stockinette stitch with a garter stitch border to make sure it does not curl up when laid flat. It's actually really light weight - and the looser weave means it has a really floaty lace like quality to it - a great light weight throw or blanket. I think it might "grow" with time, so I've made it the width of a double bed but half the length - intention was to put it across the foot of the spare bed, but it might end up somewhere else!

There has been some fantastic chunky knits in the shops for their Autumn collections, and to celebrate my love of all things knitted I've created a chunky knit treasury on etsy. Some gorgeous pieces to covert or gain inspiration from.

Can't wait to knit some more super cool items with my chunky needles!! This has to be a project I find time to make at some point:

Reminds me of a giant sea anemone - so soft and squishy...



  1. ive seen some needles like that before only a tad smaller. My textiles teacher used it to knit with fabric strips to make rugs they looked great!

  2. one project I'd love to try would be to cut old felt type or fleece blankets into strips and knit with them - would look great!

  3. omg those needles! *heaven* i love them! thanks for sharing this post its awesome!

  4. Hey I was just wondering what size needles you used? I've just ordered ones which are 24mm and I can't wait to use them!!!
    x x

  5. I used 30mm ones but 24mm will give a great finish! Also just got a pair of 1 metre long 15mm needles - great for blankets and rugs