Saturday, 3 July 2010

...We have a Winner!

I've been so happy with the amazing response this giveaway has had - I was a bit worried that it might flop... but it's been very exciting!

And at 3pm here in the UK (BST) I went to a random number generator and picked the winner - and that winner was...


Well done to you - the berry themed slouch hat will be winging it's way to you soon!

To say thank you to all that have entered, I'm offering all entrants 20% off their next purchase in store until 31st July 2010. Redemption codes will be winging their way to all of you that entered very soon!

The next giveaway will be happening later in the month - hoping to make this a regular event so make sure you are following me to enter!

What should I giveaway next....?

Take a look in store and leave your suggestions as a comment on this post - the shop listing with the most votes will be my next giveaway!



  1. Yay! Thanks so much!! How exciting!

  2. Congratulations Missy, lucky lucky you!

    It'll be nice to have the Ladybird Ribbed Tea Cozy as the next giveaway item. It's so sweet, so cute and so adorable!

    Hope I get lucky too, lol!

  3. Zoe tells me she would like to win one of my new range of slouch hats - thanks for the feedback!

    Keep your comments coming!

    Debs :)