Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Great Norfolk Getaway!

I haven't taken any leave from my office job since my wedding in May - and was quite frankly getting a bit frazzled. So Stew and I planned a trip to Norfolk, across the other side of the country, to visit the in-laws, and take a break from the stresses of home life.

As it's such a long trip, we stopped in on our good friend Rob in Cambridge, to see his new house, his super cool comfy sofa and stunning kitchen. Maybe a little green with envy at this point - then he showed us his new i-pad - want one! If I was commuting to London every day by train like he is, I'd get one too. Alas, as I don't commute more than 10 minutes in a taxi every day so I don't think I can justify buying one...

From Rob's house we caught a bus into Cambridge itself - it is much smaller than I thought, but the college buildings are really beautiful. Full of tourists as usual - couldn't move for people taking pictures or asking if we wanted to go Punting - being pushed along the river in a boat bu a man with a large pole - very Cambridge...

After spending a few really good hours wandering around, we drove the rest of the way to Norwich - leaving the heavy rain from home behind us. It was good to see everyone - we hadn't seen them since our wedding in May so the photo album for the big day was shown to everyone in turn, with lots of cooing and gasps. 

I won't bore you with step by step details of the whole week, but will fill you in on some of the key highlights:

Sunday night we went on a family boat trip - a paddle steamer (again!) with a jazz band playing on top, and glorious sunshine. The boat went up and down the Broads (these are rivers surrounded by reed beds, and only exist in this area of the UK) and we got to oggle at all the stunning homes along the river banks, with their own boat moorings - some were holiday homes to rent - I'd love a holiday with a little boat pootling around on the river - sounds idyllic!

Monday involved a trip to the local Zoo with my sister in law, husband and mother in law - it's a cool little zoo in the countryside with a wider variety of animals, including Giraffes - my fave! Weather stayed dry, and we saw a bird show with birds of prey circling over head. We also saw some really cute critters including prairy dogs, Doug the Donkey and baby snow leopards!

Tuesday saw us back at the Broads at Wroxham on yet another boat trip - this time with Stew, Rick and Neil - everyone took it in turns to drive the boat, and with snacks on board it was a great trip out. We did get a rain shower at one point as you can see... but there was a canopy on the boat so after a quick scramble we stayed dry!

We then drove down to the coast to play crazy golf - classic British seaside resort; a little bit run down, lots of arcades and good ice cream. I was NOT on form with this game of golf...lost miserably, with Stew in 3rd and joint winners with Rick and Neil. Consolation followed in the form of a tub of toffee ice cream - very tasty!

The rest of the week involved visiting family and friends, including Emily and her husband Stew, our long term friends who live nearby. We met up in Kings Lynn and showed them the wedding album where Emily was one of my bridesmaids over a good pot of tea. It was great to hear they are moving into their own house and are happy.

We drove back on Sunday in a record time of just over 4 hours - the week flew by, and it's odd to think we won't be going back over until New Year. All I hope that this was not my last break away until then - 1 week just isn't enough!


  1. Oh Debs, I am so glad you got to take a little break and what fun you guys had :)

    I so miss being in England it is so nice to have people, like yourself, who share things so I do not feel so homesick.

    Cheers, T. :)

  2. Your photos of the Broads are beautiful. I'm pleased you had a lovely time. You totally deserved the holiday :)