Friday, 20 August 2010

Good times follow bad times...

Everything seems to be swings and roundabouts at the moment - some days go really well, with good milestones met, others have been really upsetting and sad. The roller coaster is making me very tired I must admit.

Well... The bad... I was walking through the City centre here in Cardiff and some kids came up to me and spat at me, called me a "crip" and tried to kick my stick away. I was really sad - I can handle most of it - it has happened to me before, but I had spit on my trousers and foot (I was wearing sandals) - and had to go back to the office and clean it off. It was really horrible and I got quite upset. Stew my husband called me to cheer me up, and I was OK, but frustrated. I'm a successful businesswoman, I hold down a 4 day a week job in a busy office, I work hard to juggle my business, marriage, social life and creative outlets, I'm smart and I'm a nice person!

I decided to chat to the Etsy community about my experiences in the forums, and I was flooded with kind words and positive thoughts - it was so sweet! It really cheered me up, and affirmed to me that even though I might be different in some people's eyes, on Etsy I'm still an equal. You never know, one day I might be able to feel like that everywhere I go.

Someone pointed me in the direction of the Createability group on Etsy, made up of disabled sellers from around the globe. I got really excited and had a great time chatting to the members in the forums - it felt good to chat to people who knew how I felt.

To celebrate this, I thought I'd create a themed treasury celebrating diversity - I've called it Inspired-ability:

I hope you enjoy it!

For the good news, I'm off to visit my in-laws over in Norfolk for the week for a well deserved holiday, I finally got my tax return sent off (despite being convinced I got it wrong!) and I was included in 2 really cool treasuries - one Bumble Bees and one Ladybirds - so cute!

Coming up in the next few posts, I will be blogging about my week away, and thinking about the start of Autumn, and the slippery slope down to the Christmas rush!!



  1. Hi Debs, I'm so happy that you found The Createability Team. Don't let mean people who spit, get you down. You are gorgeous and talented and fabulous. Welcome to the family!


  2. Sometimes I still so shocked at how rude people can be! I'm so sorry you had to be the recipient of such behavior. Love the new treasury you've made, and glad you've found a type of haven online!

  3. What is it with this anti social behavior? These kids are bought up with no respect for other people, each other, their life or themselves. Sad.

  4. Like ParadisePurls, I'm shocked at such behavior. Congrats on the treasures:) {hugs}

  5. Debs - don't know what's wrong with people today, no home training I guess, but I understand. Luckily, there's far more good people out there than of this type, so keep your head up. Glad you found our team on Etsy! Welcome! dee (flamingolady)

  6. I'm really sorry that happened to you. I admire your strength.

  7. They'll have to answer for their behavior. In the meantime, don't let the buggars get you down.