Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Big Move

I vowed we'd never do this again; I've said this every time we have moved house though (this is my 8th move in 9 years) - yet here we are getting packed up ready to go. This is the main reason I've been low on posts this month; everything crafty is either packed or lost under all the boxes and other bits lying all over the flat as we speak...

Everyone know I have a big stash of delights in my workroom - for such a teeny room I always manage to pack a lot into it. There is my Horn sewing cabinet, my Brother sewing machine, my Janome overlocker / serger, boxes and boxes of yarn and fabric and all my accessories. 

I'm a bit neat about my yarn - as you can see I like to keep them in boxes arranged by colour; this is the box for red and purples. The blues and greens box is overflowing a bit - need to stop buying green!

Another stash I have is a big box of machine cones. I find these really good for my giant knitting projects, as they were pretty cheap, they come in lots of different colours, and they look great when knitted together as blankets, cushions or mats.

As you can see, it's a lot of stuff to move. If it looks like a lot of stuff when it's all in the shelves, imagine trying to get it all in boxes and bags! I filled 2 sacks and a big box with just yarn, 4 sacks with fabric (not including the 2 big rolls I have in the cupboard, a box of patterns, a box of knitting books, 2 boxes of accessories and emptying my cabinet.

For all those of you who know the Horn sewing cabinet, I can tell you it is a fab piece of kit - it folds out from a standard 2 door cabinet into a fully functional station for all your sewing needs. It wasn't cheap - new they are between £250 and £500, but I got mine second hand on ebay after months and months of searching for £80. But for moving house? NOT good - it has a hydraulic lift in it so you can lower your sewing machine when it is not in use - ingenious... but it weighs a ton, and especially when you have to get it down 2 flights of stairs, and it has to be kept level... My poor Dad who is helping us move groaned when I reminded him we had to shift it again...

Went to our new house again today (which is luckily about a minute's walk from our current flat) - my workroom is about the same size as it is here. As we are renting, it was the first time we had seen the house without the other tenant's stuff in it. Alas a single bed has appeared right in the middle of my workroom space. I think the landlord thought it would be helpful, but it's left nowhere for all my yarn stash as well as my sewing machines, so fingers crossed I can get them to remove it before we move in...


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  1. I know what you mean, half of my knitting is in a different state than I am. It is driving me crazy. There is an up side to it I have had to start a new stash.
    When I found your web site I wad so excited you live in the one place I want to relocate to.
    By the way I love the hat.