Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rainbow Hot Water Bottle Sock Pattern

We have moved!

It's taken me the last 3 weeks to unpack everything - I'm still missing some key items, but I'm sure they will turn up at some point (most likely when I least expect it...)

My workroom is looking good - I'm all set up and ready to satisfy my itchy fingers. My first project has been to knit a new hot water bottle cover for my mini hot water bottle. I was after something quick and easy, and something that would use up some of my remnant yarn...

This is a very easy pattern, and knits up very quickly - making it a great pattern for those who like instant knitting gratification!

This pattern is for my mini hot water bottle cover. You can tailor this pattern to the size of your hot water bottle by adding or subtracting stitches in multiples of 4 (so 36,40,44 etc.) The double knit rib is very stretchy, so if you are unsure go for the smaller measurement.

You will need:
  • Small amount of each colour of yarn you wish to use. My small hot water bottle cover used less than a 25g ball of yarn for each stripe. I used standard DK acrylic yarn.
  • 1 set of 4.5mm needles or the size recommended for the yarn you are using
  • Bodkin /  large eyed needle
Cast on 24 stitches on to 4.5mm needles

Knit 8 rows in Double Rib (k2,p2 to the end of the row, repeat for each row)

At Row 9, change to next colour yarn and knit this row in knit  (k all stitches - so you can't see the joint), then continue in Double Knit (k2,p2) for the next 7 rows. Leave a tail of yarn for sewing up the sides later.

Repeat the pattern above, knitting in each colour for 8 rows until you get to the last colour (in my case purple), where I continued for 23 rows instead of 8. These extra rows allow you to fold the top over like a roll neck jumper. Leave a longer tail for sewing this up.

Cast off in same double rib pattern (k2,p2)

When you have finished, it should look something like this:

Follow the same pattern above to make another matching piece for the other side.

When you have made both pieces, use the tails of yarn to sew up the sides - to make sure the seams don't show through, use the red tail to sew up the red section, the yellow tail for the yellow section etc.

It will look quite small when you have finished, but it will stretch over your hot water bottle keeping it snug in it's new little jumper.

Humphrey the bear was very impressed...


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  1. iv only just learnt to knit so il follow ur tutorial and let you now how i get on xxx thank