Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Competition entry update!

Since my last post, I've been working like a busy beaver, knitting away and designing my competition entry to go off to the I Knit Design competition - The closing date is the 20th August, and I only started work on the weekend, so I haven't done too badly for 4 days work - I give you the Helter Skelter Leg Warmers!

The yarn is really cool - called Peru by Sirdar, and is an alpaca and wool blend which is super soft. The colour is a lovely inky blue caller Blanket Blue colour 305. The cables are lovely and chunky, and I've designed the pattern so that the cables go in one direction on one leg and the other direction on the other - adds a little design touch to quite a simple looking accessory. It was not simple working out the pattern - it took me AGES!! 

I'm not good on patterns - I tend to make things up as I go along - and this time I had to come up with a pattern that was easy to follow, used all the correct abbreviations, and used charts to show how the cables were made, and how it tapers slightly from the knee to the ankle. Luckily I have found a really good knitting chart generator online where you can get the image just right - saved me drawing it out in Photoshop!

So I'll post this off tomorrow, and hopefully I will be down in London for the I Knit Weekender on Saturday 11th September to see my entry on display to the public, and hopefully once the competition is over I will put these babies in my shop for you to order!


(writing this whilst hubby is on his way to A&E after getting a black eye playing football/soccer at the park...sigh... 9pm at the main A&E department in the capital city - that's not a fun place to be...)


  1. they look awesome as a beginner knitter as myself my goal was to be able to do some leg warmers with some cable design on!

  2. I was freaked out by cables until recently, but with a lot of counting and plenty of practice I've got the hang of it :-) debs

  3. Well I know I want to reach out and touch the legwarmers, so that's a good sign! lol

  4. Hello from the Etsy forums - what beautiful yarn!

  5. Very beautiful, good yarn is always good.