Thursday, 5 August 2010

Time stops for no knitter....

Time seems to be my biggest enemy at the moment - time to spend improving my store, time to knit up the orders that have all come in at once (a happy problem), time to spend on my blog and in the Etsy forums chatting to other crafty folk, time to eat and sleep.... working full time and running a business is just getting crazy!

One thing I am determined to find time for is knitting a competition entry for the I Knit Design Competition - 3 different categories of entries, each category having 3 prizes ranging from £50 to £250 plus YARN - not sure which is more exciting, the cash or the yarn, maybe the cash so that I can buy more yarn....

I'm thinking about a project I've had in mind for a while - it can't be anything I've got in my store or sole anywhere... I'm thinking leg warmers in a cool Sirdar yarn called PERU, a wool/alpaca blend which is really soft:

I think a cable design could look really cool - maybe to make them a bit different have them so that they come all the way over the knee.... will have to see how much of the yarn I have!!

Writing the pattern will be the hardest part - I don't really DO patterns - i tend to just knit and see what happens! 

So I have about 10 days to get it all done so I can get it posted to London in time... 

The best part is that all the entries will be displayed at the I Knit Weekender on 10th and 11th September which I'm hoping to make the trip to London to visit:

The Weekender will be packed with classes and workshops from some of the best UK designers including Alice Starmore!

They will include classes by Martin Story, Marie Wallin, Erika Knight, Wooly Wormhead and The Dutch Knitters - with topics such as icelandic lopi, lace, crochet etc

I'm most excited at the yarn sellers who will be attending - all that gorgeous YARN!! 

Tickets are £8 for a day pass - so if I can find a cheap bus or train to the Big Smoke I will be there - and reporting back on the events for you all!



  1. Hope your "busy" doesn't become overwhelming.

  2. I think I hit overwhelmed a few weeks back with a mental period in the office, but it's all settling down a bit now - going down to 4 days a week which means I get Friday all to myself! Yay!

  3. Hi, I'm your newest follower. I love to knit too - I'm looking forward to seeing what you make for the competition. Good luck!

  4. look forward to hearing about the weekender. I also love th 'think' about my knitting...better than counting sheep.

  5. Hiya! Did you get your submission done? I sent mine off on Wednesday, am now worried it was really amateurish but I think you always worry that, don't you?
    I hope you did get it done!